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how many jackass penguins can you fit in to a md-11

Average height - 0.6m

Average fatness front to back - 0.24m

Average fatness side to side - 0.25m

Volume of the average penguin

(excluding flippers and beak) is given by v =         ∏ abc




a = half the height of penguin

b = half the fatness front to back

c = half the fatness side to side


Flippers and beak account for an extra 5% on general torso and head volume. Wings are taken as conformal to the body when stationary (such as economy travel in the hold of a wide-body carrier aircraft).

The total transport volume requirement of one unit of penguin is therefore 0.02144m3

Total MD11 capacity = 633m3

total penguin capacity = 29,552

+ crew of 3 = 29,555

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