// The History of Prestwick Airport



First flight over Mount Everest

The Founder of Prestwick Airport, David F. McIntyre along with the Duke of Hamilton became the first people to fly over Mount Everest on 3rd April 1933.



The Prestwick Flying School

As a result of the failure of the Geneva Disarmament Conference in 1933, the British Government decided to expand the RAF.
This meant a need for more pilots and David McIntyre took this opportunity to open a flying School at Prestwick in 1935.



The second world war

After the outbreak of war in 1939, Prestwick Aerodrome was designated RAF Prestwick with David McIntyre as Station Commander. Prestwick Airport Passenger Terminal became a haven for transatlantic crews during the war.

By 1945 it had become arguably the best equipped and most active airport terminal in Europe.



Recent times

Prestwick Airport experienced a huge growth in passenger numbers during this period with passenger numbers increasing from 11,000 in 1992 to over 2.4 million passengers in 2007 thanks to many low cost routes to European destinations with budget airline Ryanair.



Scottish Airlines

The inaugural flight of Scottish Airlines was Prestwick to Belfast on January 28th 1946.
Scottish Airlines linked Prestwick and Scotland with destinations worldwide.



Elvis has entered the building

Prestwick Airport is considered the only place in the UK that Elvis Presley ever set foot.

On March 3rd 1960, the United States army transport plane Elvis was on was returning to the USA from Germany, stopped to refuel at Prestwick.

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