The Orbital Microgravity and Human Spaceflight Conditioning Programme

Routine access to low-earth orbit provides access to the resources of space: weightlessness (or microgravity as we tend to call it), vacuum and solar energy. Orbital Access intends to provide microgravity conditions on a fleet of vehicles ranging from small propeller aircraft to jet airliners to indeed the Orbital 500 itself and beyond.

Microgravity is a crucial precondition for research and development in the areas of:

  • medical applications (development of pharmacological agents, medical procedures)
  • basic physiological research (animal or human)
  • new materials and processes which profit from lack of gravity
  • space applications (in support of long-duration human spaceflight)

Research into proteins and the development of new types of glass for electronics and fibre optics are just two examples of activities proposed for our microgravity platforms.

In addition, as the industrialisation of space progresses and more tourists are flown on suborbital flights or low earth orbit, there will be a need for people to be prepared for the conditions of human spaceflight. For this purpose we will offer not only our own microgravity vehicles, but we intend to also cooperate with the providers of facilities such as neutral buoyancy tanks, centrifuges and pressure chambers.