• Travis Fawcett

Collaboration with SpaceStarters

SpaceStarters is a crowd investing platform for companies and investors who count on the trendsetting space sector. The platform enables private investors to invest directly and professionally into trendsetting companies. Their long-term experiences as professional investors in the venture capital business help you to assess return opportunities and risks as well as to build your own investment portfolio. SpaceStarters works exclusively with Europe’s largest international innovation network of the “New Space Economy”. This offers numerous advantages for SpaceStarters investors:

Early identification of the most promising investment opportunities

Risk mitigation by qualified and professional support from the AZO network

High visibility and innovative perception of the companies

The funding we are raising on SpaceStarters will be used for the development of a new re-usable satellite launch system to service the needs of the “New Space” commercial customers sending satellites and payloads to low earth orbit.

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