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The FSPLUK Satellite Market Assessment consists of three main chapters: a survey of the market; an extensive study into the forces that influence the market and a long-term forecast towards the year 2036. To gain an understanding of the current satellite market, an extensive historical database was generated to catalogue every launch and payload between 2012 and 2016 with a strong commercial rationale and a broad intake of data defined herein.  Multiple methods of segmentation were implemented to clarify a market shape and direction, resulting in a robust range of space activity that was collated and segmented from multiple sources, collated under a single database. The variables for each launch and payload were differentiated using the following methods within the payload and launch database: the payload database was organised by the application for which each payload was designed, consisting of Remote Sensing, Development, Communication, Scientific, Cargo, Crew, Meteorology, Navigation and IMINT/ELINT. The payload database was categorised further using the altitude, in kilometres, at which each payload operates. The altitude was recorded alongside the apogee and perigee of each payload in conjunction with the orbit types for each payload; such as LEO, MEO, GEO, SSO, GSO, HEO and EXT. Each payload in the database contains the inclination at which each payload was delivered to; these recordings were in conjunction with the orbit categories of each payload. Every payload in the database is also defined by the country of origin and manufacturer.



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Small Satellite Market Assessment. The studied trends include orbit altitude, inclination UKThe available dataset includes eight datasheets that quantify the changing trends within the satellite market, which was a result of the FSPL and payload mass. For each weight classification, deemed by the Federal Aviation Authority Office of Commercial Space Transportation, the change in orbit inclination and altitude is forecast to the year 2036. The main substantial market forces are also provided to validate tabulated numerical data herein.

Change in Orbit Altitude 2016-2036

  • Change in Orbit Inclination 2016-2036
  • Minisatellite Altitude and Inclination Distribution 2016-2036
  • Large to Extra-Heavy Satellite Altitude and Inclination Distribution 2016-2036
  • Small to Intermediate Satellite Altitude and Inclination Distribution 2016-2036
  • Picosatellite Altitude and Inclination Distribution 2016-2036
  • Microsatellite Altitude and Inclination Distribution 2016-2036
  • Nanosatellite Altitude and Inclination Distribution 2016-2036